Photo Analysis


  • Visual Literacy is a skill that is not often taught to students, yet visual literacy may be the most important type of literacy in a modern world. This assignment strives to improve a persons ability to read an image. The structure presented here is not necessarily the best way to analyze an image: however, it is clear and very usable. It is called the 'Feldman Method'.


  • To improve skills in reading images.


1) Paragraphs marked / 3 - per paragraph

Using the provided guide form you will be writing a 4 paragraph essay about a photo. The form provides a guide for what you should be looking for, but your essay should not answer the questions point-by-point. Instead, write your essay in a natural, conversational way, then go back to check that you've touched on each of the areas.

3 marks: Description

3 marks: Analysis

3 marks: Interpretation

3 marks: Judgment

5) Professionalism marked / 3

    • On the internet find a photograph from a professional, historical or famous photographer.
    • The image must be no smaller then 1/2 a screen size. Do not find a small thumbnail.
    • Complete the attached form on how to analyze an art work.
    • Create a folder named "lastname_analysis".
    • Save your image and your photo analysis into your folder.
    • Hand the folder (containing the photo analysis and internet image) in to Mr. Prensky's Photo Critique drop box.