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Magazine Cover

Step 1 – Choose a magazine category or genre.  Check out some popular teen magazines here. Or maybe you're interested in fashion or maybe music or sports. Find and save a sample magazine cover to copy the style of. You MUST have this done before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 – Make up a name for your magazine.  Choose something that you think would attract readers of that genre.

Step 3 – Choose / take a picture for your cover.  It should be in "portrait" mode (up and down). Most magazines have pictures of people on the front, but there are exceptions. This is a tremendously important step.  Look at some samples in your category to see what type of picture is common.  You can take a picture of yourself if you like.

Before taking the picture, answer these questions:

1) Do you need any props? How should you pose?

2) Detailed background or plain background?

3) How much blank space do you want for your text?

Step 4 - Open your photo in Photoshop. Use the crop tool settings to make it the correct size- 8.5 inches wide X 11 inches tall. Resolution = 180 pixels per inch.

Step 5 – Create a logo.  Most magazine logos are pretty simple, and consist of the magazine name in a traditional font.  Look at some examples in your genre for ideas.

Step 6 – Determine what text will go on your cover.  This takes some creativity.  It’s okay to borrow ideas from existing covers, but try to modify the text.  For example, if a heading reads “Introducing the new Pentium 5”, modify it to something like “Introducing Windows Neo ”. 

A typical cover has numerous headings and sub-headings, often in a variety of fonts, sizes and colours.  Look at your genre for guidance on:

  • how much text to use
  • how many headings
  • what sizes to use
  • how many colours to use
  • placement of text in relation to the picture
  • placement of headings above the magazine logo or not

Some Resources:
Wired Magazine
History of magazine covers
Article on magazine covers
Esquire Magazine
Time Magazine
Vanity Fair
Teen Vogue

Search for covers by doing a Google search of the magazine name plus the words "cover gallery".

You will have four classes to work on this assignment.  Good luck.

Picture of you = 10 marks
Text formatting = 10 marks
Overall look = 10 marks

Total = 30


Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

  • 1 electronically submitted magazine cover
  • 1 sample magazine cover - saved from the Internet
  • image must be re-sized: longest side = 11 inches
  • canvas must be re-sized: short side increased to 8.5 inches
  • image must be 180 ppi
  • image must be in maximum quality JPG format

Name your assignment in the following way :

  • username_magazine.jpg
  • username_sample.jpg