Who Are You?


  • Images can be used to show many things - emotion, beauty, reality, nature, relationships, fantasy, and also personality
  • You will be gathering 9 images that capture your personality
  • These 9 images will be put together in a 3X3 grid
  • The centre image will be a picture of you - it should represent how you see yourself - not just a snapshot
  • The other 8 images will represent different parts of your personality and your life
  • You might include pictures of:
      • Your family
      • Friends
      • Your room
      • Sports
      • Hobbies
      • Religion
      • Your home
      • Future Goals
      • Talents
      • Dreams
      • Favourite things to do
  • Use at least one of the Elements and Principles of Design to make each image more interesting
    • Elements of Design - Colour, Form, Line, Texture, Shape, Value
    • Principles of Design - Balance, Contrast, Perspective, Proportion, Repetition, Unity
  • Step 1 - Brainstorm all of the possible things you could take pictures of
  • Step 2 - Choose 8 of them
  • Step 3 - Plan the photo of you that will go in the middle. Where will you take it? What will you wear? How much will you zoom in? What expression will you have?
  • Step 4 - Plan the 3X3 grid on a piece of paper. Which Element or Principle of Design will you use for each photo to make it more interesting? Write this down on the grid.
  • Step 5 - Show me your grid and get my approval to start taking your pictures
  • Step 6 - Take pictures, sort, and edit
  • Step 7 - Learn how to put the pictures together in a grid
  • Step 8 - Frame, Save as JPG and hand in


1) Correct Content

Do your images give the viewer a sense of who you are and what's important to you? Have you successfully incorporated the Elements and Principles of Design?

2) Wow! Factor - 50 marks

Does each image stand on its own as something interesting? Are your images in focus and properly exposed? Have you created something both beautiful and interesting? Did you put in a lot of thought and effort?

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project. Marks will be deducted from your skills/technical if your work is not submitted by the due date.

  • 1 electronically submitted photograph
  • 2 paragraph journal entry in Google Docs - What did you learn? What was challenging? How do you feel about your final product? What does each image represent to you? Why did you choose these images?
  • Add a title outside the frame: lower center
  • Add a date outside the frame: lower right
  • Add a your name outside the frame: lower left

Name your final grid in the following way :

  • username_me.jpg

4) Journal Entry

Write a two-paragraph entry. Describe each of your 8 photos. What Elements and Principles of Design did you use? What did you find challenging about this assignment? What did you learn?