Contemporary Photographer Presentation


We are bombarded daily by images, but how many of these images really make an impression on us? The modern photographer is confronted with an increasingly de-sensitized market. No longer is it enough to achieve good exposure and focus with an interesting subject. A great photographer must push new boundaries, learn new techniques, and approach their subject in innovative and novel ways that make the viewer stop and take notice.


To create a presentation highlighting the life, photography, and accomplishments of a successful contemporary photographer. You should choose someone who is still alive and practicing photography.

Suggested Photographers

Do some research to determine which photographer you'd like to make your presentation on. Please use Google Image Search with the Safe Search option set to "Strict", as nudity can be fairly common in contemporary photography.

There are many branches of contemporary photography, including commercial, fashion, sports, nature, documentary, photojournalism, fine art, architecture, landscapes, and weddings. You are free to choose a photographer from an area that interests you. Many professionals have work in a number of different areas.

I will call you to my desk, one at a time, to make your selection. Selection order will be reverse alphabetical. No duplicates.

Below are some suggestions, but I will accept any photographer that you choose, within reason.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Patrick Demarchelier
Richard Avedon
Herb Ritts
Erwin Olaf
Sally Mann
Galen Rowell
Yann Arthus Bertrand
Jill Greenberg
Anne Geddes
Andy Goldsworthy
Frans Lanting
Andrew Eccles
Andreas Smetana
Nadav Kander
Steve Bloom
Moose Peterson
Chuck Close
David LaChapelle
Greg Kadel
Brent Stirton
Peter Lik

Harold Edgerton
Sebastiao Salgado
James Natchtwey
Christophe Huet
Gregory Colbert
Jim Brandenburg
Annie Leibovitz
Phil Borges
Erik Almas
Koen Demuynck
Dave Hill
Albert Watson
David Doubilet
Lorne Resnick
Joe McNally
Jerry Avenaim
Dan Winters
Jim Zuckerman
Michael Kenna
Joel Grimes
Jim Fiscus
Howard Schatz

Roy Arden
Edward Burtynsky
Michael Kenna
Martin Parr
Mary Ellen Mark
Sarah Silver
Joel Meyerowitz
Ernst Haas
Clark Little
Scott Mutter
Sam Abell
Jerry Uelsmann
Scott McFarland
Dave Black
Sally Mann
John Shaw
Josef Hoflehner
Odessy Barbu
Gregory Heisler
Lara Jade
Nick Brandt
Nick Knight
Lindsay Adler


1) Content 20 marks

Your presentation should include slides on the following topics, with pictures on every slide. Topics to include (at least one slide per topic):

  • Title Page
  • Early Life - When were they born? What training did they get in photography? What was their family like?
  • Becoming Famous - How did they become famous? What was their big break? Was there one specific image or photo shoot that made them famous?
  • Personal style - What makes them special? What sets them apart from other photographers? What techniques do they use? What equipment? What lighting?
  • Timeline - Summarize their career chronologically
  • List of accomplishments / awards
  • Anything else you want us to know
  • Their 10 most famous images (1 picture per slide, full screen)
  • Be prepared to tell us detailed information about at least half of the pictures
  • Bibliography

2) Skills / Technical


  1. Improve your Internet research skills
  2. Create a presentation in PowerPoint

3) Slideshow 20 marks

Make your slideshow look good by animating text and images, choosing a simple and attractive layout, making text easy to read, and using high-quality images

4) Presentation 20 marks

The text on your slides should be in point form.  One point should be a maximum of 7 words. You should know the content well enough to elaborate on the points during your presentation.

Make us care about your photographer. Make us see them as brilliant. Bring them to life. Show excitement. Point out what is special in each of their photographs.

5) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project. This includes handing your work in on time, with the proper file name, and in the format specified.

Proper file name:

  • "username-photographer_name.ppt"
  • Handed in to the Famous Photographer Presentation folder on the Photo Room server