• You have worked hard to create photographs that you can be proud of. This is a chance to gather your work in one place in order to share it with others and ensure that you have access to it in the future.


  • Upload all photographic assignments to your personal Wix website - www.wix.com/username/portfolio
  • Document any challenges you encountered and what you learned
  • Change the text and images on the "Home", "About Me" and "Contact" pages

Overview - follow these step-by-step instructions very carefully

  • Start by viewing a sample Wix portfolio. Or check out this one.
    • Notice that a Description appears when you hover your mouse over a large photo in the Portfolio section
    Gather all JPG photos together in one folder, "Portfolio", on your desktop - Here's a list:
    • HDR - 4
    • Photoshop Fun - 3
    • HighLow - 6
    • CopyCat - 3
    • Levitation - 2
    • Pick 5 - 10
    • + Your choice (any additional photos you want to include)
    • Minimum total of 28
  • Can't find them? Look in my hand in folder
1. Go to wix.com and click on Login. Click new user. Use your Google Docs e-mail address. Password = Same as Google Docs.
2. Go to this website.
3. Click in the middle of page
4. Click on the "Change Page Background" button
5. Click on the "Image" button
6. Click on the orange "upload images" button
7. ALERT! Make sure the background image has no frame. Use Photoshop to crop the image first, if necessary, then save it to the "Portfolio" folder again.
8. Browse to your "Portfolio" folder and select your background image. Click the "Choose" button and then click the "Done" button
9. Click on the image that you uploaded and then click the "Change Background" button (blue). Now click the "Apply to other pages" button. Click the "All pages" box and then close both dialog boxes that are open
10. Click on the name - "Johan Cage". Click the "Edit Text" button
11. The text is now highlighted. Type your name, re-sizing the textbox to the right if necessary. Close the "Text Settings" dialog box
12. Click on the "Pages" drop-down menu and select the "CV" page. We want to delete this page. Click the "..." icon and select "Delete" and the "Delete" again.
13. Click on the "About" page (still under the "Pages" dropdown menu
ALERT - Wix will prompt you to save your work at some point. It will ask for a name for the site (free wix.com domain). Please call this site "portfolio" and click the "Save and Continue" button5
14. Make this page your own by editing the name and the image. This image is another one to take from your "Portfolio" folder. It should have no frame, so you might need to go back to Photoshop to edit it before uploading.
15. Use the About page to introduce yourself. I'm looking for at least three paragraphs:
- Why did you take this course?
- What did you learn in the course?
- How do you feel about photography? About your photography?
- What was challenging about the course?
- What were your favourite assignments?
- Which assignments were difficult?
- How will you use photography in the future?
16. Choose the "Portfolio" page in the pages dropdown menu
17. Click on the elephant image and then click on the "Change Images" button
18. Hover over the elephant image and click the trash can icon. Keep clicking the trash can for the rest of the images.
19. Click the orange "Add Images" button, followed by the orange "Upload Images" button
20. Select all images in the "Portfolio" folder on the Desktop. There should be 24 images. Click the "Choose" button and then the "Done" button
21. Click once on each image to select it, then click the blue "Add to Gallery" button
22. Add a Title to each photo. You can start adding Descriptions now or leave that for later. This is where the majority of your writing will appear on the website. At least two sentences per image. Some possible things to write about include:
- Tell us about the picture
- What was the assignment? (this should not be sentence #2 for every pic)
- What did you learn?
- What was challenging? How did the assignment stretch you?
- What do you like about the image?
- What could be improved? Click the "Done" button when you are finished
23. Edit the text that says "Themes of Photography". It's up to you what this says - "Photography 11 Projects" or "My Photography" or "John Doe's Photography"...
24. Delete the "Clients" page, using the "Pages" dropdown menu
25. Go to the "Contact" page. Change the picture. Remove all contact information. You should not post your address and phone number online

26. To go back to entering image Descriptions: Click on the Portfolio page, select the large image, and choose Change Images. At least two sentences per image. Some possible things to write about include:
- Tell us about the picture
- What was the assignment?
- What did you learn?
- What was challenging? How did the assignment stretch you?
- What do you like about the image?
- What could be improved?

27. Go to wix.com and click the LOGIN / SIGN UP button in the upper right corner to return to editing your portfolio

28. When you are done, click the Publish button (top right corner). I won't be able to mark your portfolio if you don't click this button.

29. Congratulations - you are done!


1) Content

  1. HDR - 4
  2. Photoshop Fun - 3
  3. HighLow - 6
  4. CopyCat - 3
  5. Levitation - 2
  6. Pick 5 - 10
  7. Your choice (total can't be more than 50)

2) Marking

I'm looking for three things in this assignment:

  1. All photos uploaded and properly labeled = 10 marks
  2. Written work (Descriptions and the About page) = 10 marks
  3. Overall look and feel of the website = 10 marks

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project. Marks may be deducted for a lack of professionalism.

This project will be handed in as follows:

  • Login to Google Docs
  • Paste the link to your portfolio website at the bottom of your journal
  • Example: http://www.wix.com/PrenskyR444/portfolio