Magic Meadow / Experimental


  • My inspiration for this project is a photo taken by local photographer Michael Wheatley, entitled "Magic Meadow"
  • The image can be viewed here (go to the last photo and click the right pointing arrow, not it's the bottom-left photo)
  • Michael combined three images to form an other-worldly scene of glowing flowers and trees bursting with blossoms
  • Two of the images are the same, but shifted over slightly, with a slightly different zoom. This gives the impression of more flowers and more trees
  • One of the images is purposely unfocused. This creates a glow around the flowers and trees
  • Another inspiration for this project is Freeman Patterson's work, especially images such as "Lilies and Friends" and "Dance Troupe"


  • You will handin 5 experimental images of different subjects
  • My preference for subjects is things in nature, but I'm giving you free-range. You could do a scene with people, man-made objects, or whatever you can imagine
  • Techniques to use when photographing:
    • Take the same picture at different zoom levels
    • Try a zoom blur - zoom in or out while the shutter is open (on a tripod), creating a starburst effect
    • Focus blur (check out this Flickr group and this Flickriver collection)
    • Focus stacking
    • Multiple exposures with a moving object
    • Shift over / up slightly
    • Manual focus - Take the same picture in focus and out of focus
    • Longer shutter speed with a moving subject (wind, etc) - this works best with one or more ND filters
    • Shadows, mirrors, smoke
    • Light painting, sparklers, steel wool
  • Techniques to use in Photoshop:
    • Blur / Gaussian Blur
    • Command - T to re-size or rotate (double-click to accept changes)
    • Eraser tool (soft edge)
    • Image / Adjustment / Hue/Saturation
    • Get creative, but try to not make it look overly Photoshopped
  • You'll get significantly better results with a tripod
  • You can also incorporate HDR if you wish. Use AEB in the second red menu
    • Press SET
    • Click the right arrow until the dots separate to their maximum width
    • Press SET again
    • Press MENU to exit
  • Your AEB settings will be lost if you turn off the camera
  • You can adjust the 3 exposures to all be darker or lighter using exposure compensation (hold AV +/- and use the scroll wheel)


1) Correct Content

Have you pushed the boundaries and learned new techniques? Have you merged your photos artfully and skillfully in Photoshop?

2) Wow! Factor - 50 marks

I want to be impressed. Have you poured yourself into the assignment? Are the images beautiful and/or powerful? Have you gone beyond the expected? Is this something that you would be proud to show to others? Does this belong in your portfolio?

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

  • 5 electronically submitted images

Name your assignment in the following way :

  • username_Magic1.jpg
  • username_Magic2.jpg
  • etc