• This project combines two key skills - visualisation and post-production
  • Visualisation is the ability to imagine what the photo will look like before you take it
  • Post-production is the editing that happens after the photo shoot


  • Levitation involves taking two shots (minimum) -
    • one with the subject propped in the air with chairs, stools, ladders, boxes, etc
    • the second without the subject or props
    • the images are then stacked in Photoshop and the props are erased from the top layer
  • More detailed instructions can be found on numerous websites by using the search terms - "levitation photoshop tutorial"
  • Do a Google Image search for "levitation". You will get some great ideas. Notice how many images tell a story.


1) Correct Content -

2 Levitation photos.

Does the subject look like it is levitating (not just jumping)? Do your images tell a story? Have you chosen an interesting background? Have you made efforts to make the subject more interesting (what they're wearing, body position, hair, makeup)?

2) Wow! Factor - 40 marks

I want to be impressed. Have you poured yourself into the assignment? Are the images beautiful and/or powerful? Have you gone beyond the expected? Is this something that you would be proud to show to others? Does this belong in your portfolio?

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

  • 2 electronically submitted image
  • images must be re-sized: 9.5 inches longest side before framing
  • image must be 180 ppi
  • images must be in maximum quality JPG format
  • your image must have a frame:
    • Add a title outside the frame: lower center
    • Add a date outside the frame: lower right
    • Add your name outside the frame: lower left

Name your assignment in the following way :

  • username_Levitation1.jpg
  • username_Levitation2.jpg

4) Journal Entry

Write a 2 paragraph journal entry. You can write about:

  • What subjects did you choose for each image?
  • Why did you choose these subjects?
  • What settings did you choose? Why?
  • What did you learn?
  • How could you improve your images?
  • How have you drawn attention to the subject?
  • How have you eliminated distractions or simplified?
  • What would you give yourself out of 10 for each image?