• This assignment exposes you to two new concepts - High Key and Low Key photography
  • You will hand-in three images for each - a total of six images
  • "A high-key photo is basically white on white. This style of photography conveys a feeling of lightness and clarity."
  • "An image that is mainly made up of light tones, which relatively few mid-tones or shadows."
  • "A low key photo is pretty much black on black, or at least very dark on dark. This kind of photo can create a sense of intimacy, foreboding, sadness, and / or heaviness."
  • "An image that contains large areas of dark tones and little mid-tones or highlights."


  • Look at High Key and Low Key images on Flickr as a class
  • Discuss the definitions of each
  • Do some Internet research on techniques
  • Create a journal entry, summarizing your research - 3 paragraphs
  • Use both studio lighting and natural lighting, along with Photoshop, to create High Key and Low Key images
  • Subjects can be people, objects, abstract shapes, pets, or anything you are inspired by


1) Correct Content

Have you created attractive and interesting images that obviously relate to the assigned topic?

2) Wow! Factor - 60 marks

I want to be impressed. Have you poured yourself into the assignment? Are the images beautiful and/or powerful? Have you gone beyond the expected? Is this something that you would be proud to show to others? Does this belong in your portfolio?

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

  • 6 electronically submitted image
  • images must be re-sized: longest side = 10 inches
  • canvas must be re-sized: short side increased to 8 inches
  • image must be 180 dpi
  • images must be in maximum quality JPG format
  • your image must have a frame:
    • Add a title outside the frame: lower center
    • Add a date outside the frame: lower right
    • Add your name outside the frame: lower left

Name your assignment in the following way :

  • username_HighKey_1.jpg
  • username_LowKey_1.jpg
  • etc

4) Journal Entry

High Low Research Entry

  • 3-4 paragraph research entry
  • Research TECHNIQUES for high key and low key photography
  • Read ARTICLES online and summarize them in your own words

High Low Planning Entry

Describe what you plan to shoot in detail.  Include things like camera angle, zoom, black and white or colour, props, clothing, lighting, facial expression, exposure, etc. Insert a sample image for each idea, even if it's not the exact same as what you're planning.

High Key #1 -

High Key #2 -

High Key #3 -

Low Key #1 -

Low Key #2 -

Low Key #3 -

High Low Reflection Entry

After handing in, complete the following write-up in your journal. For each photo, answer the following questions:

HighLow: What lighting did you use for this photo and why? Be specific.

Creativity / Originality: What choices did you make to create an interesting and unique image?

Exposure/Focus: Is your image perfectly exposed? How can you tell? Is it perfectly in focus? How can you tell?

Self-Evaluation: What mark do you deserve out of 10 and why?