HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography


  • HDR allows you to do what has never before been possible in the world of photography
  • Merging 3 photos with different exposures allows you to get detail in all parts of high-contrast images
  • HDR works best at sunrise/sunset, in partially cloudy conditions, and also at night
  • Common HDR subjects are buildings, monuments, landscapes, seascapes, abandoned cars, aging houses, and eerily lit night scenes


  • You will handin 4 HDR images of different subjects. Each image from a different photo shoot
  • You can practice HDR at school, and probably even get some good shots, but you should definitely shoot elsewhere as well
  • You'll get significantly better results with a tripod
  • Use AEB in the second red menu
    • Press SET
    • Click the right arrow until the dots separate to their maximum width
    • Press SET again
    • Press MENU to exit
  • Your AEB settings will be lost if you turn off the camera
  • You can adjust the 3 exposures to all be darker or lighter using exposure compensation (hold AV +/- and use the scroll wheel)


1) Correct Content -

4 HDR Photos.

Have you used HDR for high-contrast scenes? Did you choose subjects that look better with HDR? Did you use software settings that maximize the impact of the photo you took?

2) Wow! Factor - 40 marks

I want to be impressed. Have you poured yourself into the assignment? Are the images beautiful and/or powerful? Have you gone beyond the expected? Is this something that you would be proud to show to others? Does this belong in your portfolio?

3) Professionalism

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

  • 4 electronically submitted image
  • images must be re-sized: 9.5 inches longest side before framing
  • image must be 180 ppi
  • images must be in maximum quality JPG format
  • your image must have a frame:
    • Add a title outside the frame: lower center
    • Add a date outside the frame: lower right
    • Add your name outside the frame: lower left

Name your assignment in the following way :

  • username_HDR1.jpg
  • username_HDR2.jpg
  • username_HDR3.jpg
  • username_HDR4.jpg

4) Journal Entry

Write a 3-paragraph journal entry. You can write about:

  • What subjects did you choose for each image?
  • Why did you choose these subjects?
  • What did you learn?
  • How could you improve your images?
  • How have you drawn attention to the subject?
  • How have you eliminated distractions or simplified?