Pick 3


  • Choosing your own subject matter makes photography fun. Challenge yourself by picking something different or treat yourself by choosing something that you love to photograph.


  • The goal of this project is to engage your creativity and use your skills and knowledge. You may even develop a passion for a particular subject.


  • You will pick 3 themes to photograph and hand-in 2 pictures per theme
  • Go to dpchallenge.com or Flickr's Take a Class with Dave and Dave (scroll down the page for the list) for a long list of possible themes
  • Some sample themes - Red, Ocean, Fairy Tale, Architecture, Landscape, Glass, Water, High Key, Surrealism, Wide Angle, Coffee, Curves, Fire, Rope
  • All pictures that you hand in must be new
  • Choose your best 2 photos per theme
  • Apply the Photoshop Workflow
  • Re-size to 10" on the longest side
  • Frame - Name, Title, Date
  • Save as JPEG, maximum quality
  • Handin to server folder - "Pick3"
  • Complete write-up in Google Docs


1) Content

Your photographs must clearly demonstrate the themes you have chosen.

You are free to interpret the theme freely in your pictures, as long as the theme evoked by looking at them is clear.


2) Elements and Principles of Design

Use the Elements and Principles of Design to make your photos more powerful. Plan your photos according to the Elements and Principles.

Elements of Design - Colour, Form, Line, Texture, Shape, Value

Principles of Design - Balance, Contrast, Perspective, Proportion, Repetition, Unity

3) Wow! Factor 10 marks per photo

Look at the project with fresh eyes. Try to be innovative with your subject matter, point of view and composition. A thoughtful and careful approach to your imagery will assist you in considering different options. The criteria for this project is set up to allow you to experiment with imagery. You will need to think different in order to push this project to its fullest.

4) Professionalism 5 marks per photo

Professionalism is based on the attention paid to the accurate and careful presentation of the final project.

This project will be handed in as follows:

  • 6 properly named photos submitted to the "Pick3" folder on the server. Properly framed and sized
  • you must NOT over-manipulate the images.
  • Don't forget to complete your Google Docs journal
  • Images must have a black and white frame with Name, title, and date

Proper naming:

  • username_theme1_1.jpg (ex. - PrenskyR_Water_1.jpg)
  • username_theme1_2.jpg (ex. - PrenskyR_Water_2.jpg)
  • username_theme2_1.jpg
  • username_theme2_2.jpg
  • username_theme3_1.jpg
  • username_theme3_2.jpg

5) Journal Entry

Planning -

For each of your 6 planned images you need to insert 1-2 inspiration images in your journal AND write a short paragraph about what you are planning to shoot. You can include information about what you will shoot (subject), lighting, props, location, zoom amount, cropping, colour, camera settings, and Elements & Principles of Design. This will be a lengthy journal entry.

Reflection -

Write a three-paragraph entry. Describe your 2 photos for each theme. Did you manage to impress yourself? How did you make your images interesting and attractive? What did you find challenging about this assignment? What did you learn?