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This is the home of the Heritage Woods digital photography program. Please select the course you are taking from the top menu. Check back often, as assignments, links, due dates, resources, and our class calendar will all change on a daily basis.


Community and student empowerment are central to my teaching philosophy. I believe that students learn by doing and interacting. My role in the classroom is to create an environment where students are inspired, productive, creative, and included.

Digital photography involves a marriage of technical skill and artistic expression. Without technical skill, a student can't accurately record the beauty that surrounds them. Without artistic expression, photographs are lifeless and uninspiring. I strive to make excellent photographers of all students by nurturing both of these important areas.

Photography is an accessible entry-point to the world of artistic expression, but it is not necessarily easy. It takes experience and hard work to make truly great photographs on a consistent basis. I have high expectations of my students and I believe in celebrating the fruits of their hard work in the school and in the greater community.